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About the Newborn Session – Newborn Photography Pittsburgh PA

When to Book the Baby

An early booking is always best to ensure availability, Tiny Bean will make every effort to accommodate every baby.  Payment is due at the time of booking and we ask clients to call us when the baby is born with the arrival date and weight. Babies are best photographed around 10 days, but this is dependent upon the weight. Smaller babies (5/6 pounds) may be photographed around 12-14 days, while other babies should be photographed around 5-12 days.

We are sensitive to Mom’s recovery and we will work with you to schedule your baby. Please call either prior to the delivery or once the baby has arrived and we will go over the best time to schedule your newborn session. The idea is to have gorgeous newborn photos. If you are interested in all of the cute wrapped, squishy baby poses then photographs should be taken around 5-12 days after birth.


How Long are the Sessions?

Newborn sessions generally take about 2 hours or more.  We never rush,  and we always allow plenty of time to capture all of those special moments. Taking cues from the baby, Julie has a very fluid style of shooting and allows for cute props, transitions and poses.


Baby Feeding

Moms are generally asked to plan on feeding at our studio or immediately before driving to the studio so that baby is nice and relaxed.  If I am going to your home, it’s best to feed the baby just before I arrive. This way we can start with an outfit or wrap while they digest and then continue on as they are nice and comfortable.  I also use heaters and white noise to help soothe babies and outdoor photos are available weather permitting.



General retouching is provided on digital or printed images. Using Eucerin on baby’s skin in the morning after a bath to keep everything soft and smooth is helpful. As babies grow, acne and peeling skin will occur. You do not need to worry, as the editing process can remove nearly anything. I want to show your baby in the best possible natural light and will only retouch upon request.  Although I love the natural look of a new baby, for things like umbilical cords, we can pose the baby in a way that will disguise it if it’s a concern.



My growing studio is stocked with blankets, baskets, knits, wraps, hats, and headbands! I have popular colors and styles for boys and girls. I am always buying new props to keep things fresh and new. All materials, wraps, blankets and clothing are washed in dye free detergents and are always kept clean.  If you book your session early enough I can order props specifically for your baby.  You are also welcome to bring anything from your home.

When Julie is going on location  – whether to your home or otherwise  – you can request any of the props, blankets or accessories and I will bring them to the session. In addition, if you have special requests just let us know and we can usually accommodate you as long as it is safe for the baby as we take baby safety and care very seriously. 


Clothing for Family

For sessions including family members clothing is best when it is nice and simple, and free of patterns or stripes. Light or dark colors, work equally well.


Home Sessions

Home newborn sessions are available in Allegheny and Washington Counties for an additional charge. As mentioned above, we can bring props and items to your home.  I am not limited to these areas so message me and I can make arrangements to travel almost anywhere in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


Outdoor Locations

During the warm summer months, outdoor locations are available weather permitting.


Baby Posing and Magic

With the many cute and magical baby poses you see, the baby’s safety is always of the utmost importance and babies are never put in harmful positions.  I will only provide these poses upon request and can not guarantee any of them as the babys temperament and mood rule in the photo session.



Julie’s style is sweet, organic, vintage and natural . She welcomes your input and would love the colors of the session to go with your personal style and home decor. I want these images to look amazing in your home. When you come in for a session we ask that you choose the blankets, props and clothing to ensure that the style is to your liking. Or you can just sit back and let Tiny Bean Photography handle everything.



Tiny Bean Photography LLC is organic, natural, vintage-inspired, newborn photography Pittsburgh PA.  Julie is one of Pittsburgh’s BEST and most CREATIVE newborn photographers.

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